Hi, I'm Guka.

I'm happy you are here and can't wait to share my yoga practice with you.

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About Me

Portrait Guka Pitu
Guka Pitu
Yoga Instructor and Founder of Guka Pitu.

Hi, how are you? I am Guka. I'm happy you are here and can't wait to share my yoga practice with you. Yoga has become a significant part of me. I have started my first teacher training in 2016 and haven't stopped learning since then. Hatha yoga, vinyasa, physiyoga, sound healing, meditation is what I study and work with, and what I would love to guide you through. 

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Customers testimonials

For me personally, Guka’s yoga practice—classes, retreats, sound healing sessions had a greatly beneficial influence on my physical and mental well-being. Just being in Guka’s presence, listening to her calming and warm voice, brings you to peace. This feeling with a combination of her yoga practice is a wonderful spiritual experience. Naturally, Guka creates a beautiful and open space allowing everyone to be themselves. She cares so much about every person in a group and always makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe. I admire how passionate she is about sharing her practice and also constantly investing in her growth and development through courses and new practices (she attends).

Justyna from Poland

I love Guka’s sound healing sessions. No matter how stressed I was before, I feel totally relaxed and released afterwards. And each time the deep relaxation lasts a little longer. Guka radiates so much love and understanding, her guiding voice is super pleasant and loving. The room is beautifully decorated each time. Guka supports me so much on my personal path and journey. Next year, I really would like to join one of her yoga and sound healing retreats. They look wonderful! Thank you for all that is coming. Looking forward to the next session. I wish Guka continued joy and good luck on her journey. So great that our paths crossed each other.

Janine from Switzerland

Yoga classes with Gosia are not only a set of asanas-is a unique experience of thoughtful yoga practice, music and such a positive energy. After each class I feel amazing, both physically, and mentally thank you Gosia for sharing your practice with us ☀️

Ania from Poland

Having a yoga class with Guka is like wrapping you in a blanket : it’s warm, soft, gentle, and it makes you BE what you really are : a lovable person.

Ann from France

Guka is a kind spirit with a gentle soul, thoughtful and patient. Each yoga session with her is a magical experience and at the end of every class you will feel a sense of relaxation and peace.

Maria from Poland

If yoga is not just a sports event for you, surely yoga with Guka will be an amazing choice.  Each class is a collaborative experience full of magic.  Guka spreads good energy around her, which allows you to let go and forget about problems. You can turn off your thinking and do something very valuable for yourself.

Werka from Poland

Attending sessions with Guka have been revelationary for me, not only on a physical level but also mentally since her energy spreads across the room with positive vibes, taking every session on different levels of gratification. Thank you, Guka!

Evangelos from Greece

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