Full Moon Flow


Full Moon Flow

May 22, 2021
Yoga Scheune: Burgrain 37, 8706 Meilen / 22. May (Saturday) 11:00-13:00

Full Moon is usually a very energetic time in the lunar calendar. For me personally, it represents a beautiful opportunity to go deep within myself and do some spiritual housekeeping. New moon is a time for new beginnings, whilst full moon is a time to let go of what no longer serves you. Following the lunar calendar, Full Moon in May falls on 26. May. So this yoga gathering is to prepare ourselves to the closure of another cycle. We will meditate, we will flow, we will use the healing power of selected herbs and essential oils, we will be surrounded by the pure nature and we will burn and let go of thoughts and conclusions we want to close and leave behind.

Join me on Saturday - 22. May - for a full moon ritual at Yoga Scheune.

Contact/Reservations: guka.pitu@gmail.com

Fee: 50 CHF

With Love,