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Places play a special role in my travels, they become the landscape of all the moments which then become memories. However, same as the places, it is the people who mean a lot to me. Humans I come across, while exploring this world, are usually an essential factor making my experiences so valuable. That trip hasn’t been different in this sense.

My trip to India in the beginning of this year was not only related to my desire of extending my knowledge in terms of yoga philosophy and asana practice. Hatha yoga teacher training has been definitely my main motivation, however I have also known that exploring this country for the very first time, will be an adventure itself. Jeevmoksha Gurukul school and Rishikesh town have been the fascinating scenery of my time in India. If you haven’t had a chance yet to read my blogpost about that, click here.

During our graduation, while receiving my certificate of the 200 hr Hatha Teacher Training, I was fully aware that it is not the diploma that makes you teacher. And it will take next million of trainings and experience, until I ever call myself one (if ever!). Equally as the training we have received, the conversations and philosophy analysis, and many other learnings, have altogether added up on the value of learning.

This is the main reason why I appreciate the Jeevmoksha family, the teachers and the fellow-students to join me on this journey. I remember saying to you guys, that we all came to the ashram, to Rishikesh, as blank pages. Nobody knew anyone before, we all came there leaving our past behind. But it is the past that built us, and the experience we all carry. So I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity of getting to know you, but mainly - to learn from you. Wherever you, whatever you do in life and no matter what the circumstances are - the people you are surrounded with - make a difference. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had no idea till the very end - to which ashram I will go to. I couldn’t have a tiniest idea of the teachers I would come across, as well as I couldn’t have know - who will be sharing this experience with me as a student.

I do remember every single moment when I got to know each and every student at Jeevmoksha Gurukul ashram. It felt like starting a school year at the new school. But the difference was that nobody was there to show off, and even if we did - all of us turned out with a wide-range of vulnerability. The training itself was not a piece of cake, it required so much physical strength and studying. We spent hours daily on diving deeply into yoga practice and philosophy, we were singing mantras to open our hearts even more and we also had endless conversations which definitely helped to digest it all. 

These conversations during the breaks, in the dining room, on the terrace and in our free time - where priceless. We would spend every free time to hang out in Rishikesh together. I have all these memories in front of my eyes. I do also remember all the advices we shared with each other. I made some notes guys!

"Find the purpose in your life, the goal want to work for, the real idea behind your actions". "Do not say - I can not - until you try". "Open your heart, dig through the layers until you reach your-truly-self". "No matter, what happens to you in certain period of your life, remember how many chapters are ahead of you. There is always a good moment to start all over". "Value yourself, realise your worth, respect yourself".

Thank you for all your words, these learnings will stay with me as much as the knowledge passed during the classes.

It was truly heart-warming to realise, how we were getting know each other day by day. And then, all of us came back to our lives, to what we left behind for this little moment. I was very excited about seeing my family and friends after this extra-ordinary excursion. Everything happens for a reason, so I believe that we were all meant to be in Rishikesh at the same time, although different points in our lives. I am glad that we were all meant to meet - all of you, my dear fellow-students, but also you - the teachers, and… the family.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

What happened in Rishikesh, stays in Rishikesh! I love you all. Namaste.

P.S. I am sharing the video which Greg put together as the surprise gift for all of us. We haven’t even realised him recording “the moments”! It brrings me back to Rishikesh every time I watch it. 

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