"COME HOME" Four Day Retreat (PL)

27.-30. August at "POKRZYWNIK 11" in Poland, in the charming countryside.

I am inviting You to the four day retreat in the middle of nowhere. There is a reason why I chose POKRZYWNIK and why this place chose us to host this mindful journey. "COME HOME" Yoga Retreat has been designed for reconnection.

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep inhale and slowly exhale... and now imagine a cozy house with wooden furniture and fresh bed linen, in the charming village, somewhere in the southern Poland. Now direct your attention into sense of smell - freshly baked bread, vegetarian food and herbal tea. Visualize your day starting with a morning yoga practice, through delicious meals, walks through the endless fields... and more yoga. This is how I would capture this time at "Pokrzywnik".

"Pokrzywnik 11" is a beautiful house with friendly hosts who will open their rooms and the garden for us in the late August. My addition to this stay will be numerous yoga classes with guided meditation and bits of yoga philosophy. I would you to feel like HOME for these few days. This offering is supposed to help you gather your thoughts, take care of your body, so you may find yourself in peace.


4 days / 3 nights. Arrival by lunchtime on Thursday - 27. August. Departure after breakfast on Sunday - 30. August.

House with shared rooms in Poland, in the village called Pokrzywnik. See the location on Google Maps.

Link to the website of "Pokrzywnik 11" / If you don't speak Polish, please check out the photos to feel the vibe of this place and feel free to ask me questions!


Thursday / arrival, lunch, opening ceremony, yin yoga practice, dinner

Friday / morning practice: hatha yoga, breakfast, free time (walks, naps, read your book, it is your time!), lunch, walk, guided meditation, yin yoga, dinner

Saturday / morning practice: vinyasa flow, breakfast, free time, lunch, walk, guided meditation, yin yoga, dinner

Sunday / morning practice & closing ceremony, breakfast, departure

Detailed hours will be confirmed closer to the date but the initial idea is to have an early start with a yoga practice at 7.30 am, breakfast around 9, lunch 1 pm and dinner 6-7 pm.

Please note all dishes will be vegetarian, prepared from the veggies in the garden or local products from the local farms.


  • your yoga mat
  • comfortable clothes for your practice, walks


Your investment will be 250 CHF. Summing up, the accommodation, meals and yoga classes are included in the price. Given the size of the house and beds available, we may be a group of max. 10 guests - plus me. There will be few surprises at the arrival but I can't share more details now! Transport and insurance are not included. I am happy to help you find out the best options though, so please just let me know, if you need help with these :)

If you would like to secure a place for you, follow the below 3 STEPS OF REGISTRATION:

1) Please send me an e-mail to: guka.pitu@gmail.com

2) I would appreciate the transfer of 80 CHF to confirm your reservation, as a pre-payment.

3) The rest of the fee (170 CHF) needs to arrive until 20. August. Thank you very much in advance!

Questions? Anytime, just drop me a message. Lets make sure you have all information needed!

Ready to go? Please let me know, which form of payment would be the best for you and in which currency, so I can share the details with you.

I would like You all to think of this as a community gathering. Lets inspire each other, lets share the practice but lets also give each other space to digest what will be happening. I am looking forward to spend the last days of summer with You.




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