You are enough

"Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect." Brene Brown

Can you please repeat it? Out loud. In front of the mirror. Does what you see sync with your brain and heart? Practice daily, until you finally understand that YOU are really ENOUGH! I realized lately that that’s the point where we should all start, travel inwards & accept the fact that we are already perfect.

No more striving for perfection! Easier said than done, haha. These words sound exactly like the kind of advice a real personal - coach might give. If we all understood that we are perfect as we are, our well-being and self-awareness would get an instant boost. However, it is also an individual journey that each of us needs to go through. A journey that takes time!

Let’s work on that together, let’s talk about this and exchange the views or experiences. I set the intention for all of us to cherish ourselves & open your eyes to see how perfect your imperfections are.

Kicking off my blog with the first post treating the self-esteem felt just right. How many books has been already dedicated to that topic? How many podcasts recorded? Few days ago, walking through the corridors of Zurich Airport, I’ve noticed a new book by Brene Brown in one of the bookshops. Brene Brown, the goddess of research on vulnerability. You can be sure her name will appear often in my writings. Her new title concentrates on the leadership. Well, whatever area we touch it will always leads us to the base category - our self-esteem. I strongly believe this topic will always require constant repetition, ongoing deep dives, extended discussions and constant-reflection. All sources just to make sure we never stop believing that WE ARE ENOUGH! Instead of writing another article with coaching queues (I bet the professionals know what they’re doing and trust me, your role here is significant and highly appreciated!), I will go the personal path & share what really led me to write this post.

What are the first thoughts that come up to your mind when you hear the quote: YOU ARE ENOUGH. Do you immediately stick it to your face, to your body, your personality? What’s your reaction? Does the smile immediately appear on your face or do you rather negate the fact of that statement be connected with you. Before I go to deep into my own reflections on that, let me tell you one thing - no matter where you come from, how do you look like, what’s your education level or marital status, it´s all fine, you’re seriously fine as you are. We are all different, in many aspects, and that’s what makes the human race so fascinating, doesn’t it? How boring would the world be, if we all were a copy-paste of one human prototype. On the other hand, how far the nativity can go by lack of tolerance and understanding that variety.

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